Absolutely Knead Massage & Fitness

I was fortunate enough to find Catherine when I went back to play with my brothers at CBOC football club during the second half of 2019. Catherine was professional, knowledgeable and catered to my personal requirements. My lower back would tend to seize up during the cold wet winter football season while getting headaches from a tight neck and back. Within 2 sessions of seeing Catherine I felt loose and ready to perform at any given moment throughout the week for training and games. It was also beneficial as I work in an office job (sitting all day in front of a computer). She helped me with my neck pain and headaches within moments of her treating me. Catherine understands the importance of communication. I would often ask questions during our sessions to gain my own knowledge behind the science of it. Without any hesitation she answered all of them. She retains information that to an average person seems to be in another language. She’s a great friendly individual with fantastic work ethic. Catherine will listen to your needs and personalize the treatment.

Jake Johanson - Woodville-West Torrens/CBCOCFC

Being Catherine’s brother in law, I was lucky enough to be the first person she massaged once beginning her training as a massage therapist.

Due to her new chosen path, I was the person whom she practiced on and applied the new techniques she had learned through her education.

As a person who works in the construction industry in a physical job and who still plays basketball and soccer on a weekly basis, Catherine was able to help keep my body in a condition that was conducive to be able to continue doing the things that I enjoy.

Being Catherine’s longest standing client I can personally attest to the skills that I have watched her acquire over this journey of hers and benefited from, being of the highest quality.

Catherine is an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy person who I have recommended to many people in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Alex Santamaria (West Adelaide Raptors)

I have had access to many trainers and therapists over my soccer career but none have ever quite reached the level of professionalism that Catherine upkeeps. Her knowledge and treatments made my 2019 season, both off and on as smooth and injury free as possible. She was able to get me on the park week in and week out, and I found that she always went above and beyond to keep, not only myself fit and healthy, but the entire club too.

Alex Cosmidis - Para Hills Knights