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Treatment Options

Relaxation Massage

A full body relaxation massage is perfect for anyone who has a busy lifestyle, needs some down time to relax or has general aches and pains.

Who is a relaxation massage good for?

A relaxation massage is best used for individuals under high stress levels or individual with poor circulation. As one relaxes their nervous system shifts from an alert, fight or flight state into a relaxed parasympathetic rest and digest state. This helps to lower cortisone which is a stress related hormone which increases one's chance of weight gain, illness and hormonal dysfunction.

What is the pressure like in a relaxation massage?

The pressure is usually lighter in a relaxation massage however I can have a firmer approach; just simply mention your pressure preference with at your treatment session.

Health Benefits of Relaxation Massage include:

Naturally lowers high blood pressure

Improves quality of sleep

Stimulates immune system by boosting white blood cells

Improves circulation

Decreases tense or hyper-tonic muscle

Naturally lowers stress levels

Aids in hormonal balancing

Natural way to help with depression and anxiety

Improves lymphatic flow

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a healing technique based on the principal of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing process in client's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well being. Much similar to a relaxation massage, a Deep Tissue treatment is a firmer, slower technique that allows me to compress and stretch tissues. As a qualified Massage Therapist I help clients reduce their stress and anxiety, among other ailments.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is great for fit active individuals. Not only can it be beneficial for athletes to improve their bio-mechanical performance it can also help with the psychological aspects of sport.

Unlike Remedial where the therapists selects the technique they feel is best to relieve dysfunction, your pressure and techniques used in a Sports massage is dependent on whether you are in a training program. I will use a combination of stretching, deep tissue, MET, PNF and active release as well as recovery massage after a big event to improve recovery times. I will work with you to determine which style and techniques are required based on where the athlete is in their training program and how their body is reacting to that training program

Triathletes achieve best results when receiving pre and post event massage with lighter pressure designed to flush the muscles groups ready for the athlete event or to promote recovery post event.

Heavy weightlifters and gym goers may need deeper pressure and Trigger Point Therapy to decrease muscles adhesion's and improve joint range of motion to improve strength and muscle gains.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

Works to assist active recovery

Reduce muscle adhesion

Improve joint range of motion

Decreasing risk of injury

Improve psychology preparation for sport or competition

Reduce tenderness post activity

Increase endurance

Improved performance

I recommend that you arrive well hydrated for your Sports Massage. Hydration is important to improve the quality of your muscles and fascia. If you are dehydrated it is likely your results won’t be as great and it may also be more painful.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is use to remedy a musculoskeletal complaint.

Are you thinking what on earth does that mean? We use massage and soft tissue techniques to help you feel better!

So who is Remedial Massage good for?

Are you suffering from:



lower back pain

neck tension

tight muscles

joint aches

tennis elbow

numbness and tingling

depression and anxiety

knee pain

joint pain

muscles soreness from exercise

poor sleep

sciatic leg pain

delayed recovery from sport


Then Remedial Massage may be the best solution to your problem!

Using a specialized systemic screening process we analyze our clients posture, bio mechanics and use orthopedic and special tests to assess where and how the body may be out of balance. We then work through an individualized treatment plan to get out clients as pain free as quick as possible. I am constantly undergoing specific training to maintain a high level of skill


Supportive Strapping & Taping

Strapping tape and supportive taping is commonly used to: relieve your pain, improve joint stability, enhance athlete confidence, reduce injury recurrence and prevent injury.

Functional Release Cupping

Functional Release Cupping utilizes the theories of myofascial cupping, fascial slings, and functional movement patterns to make dramatic changes in range of motion, functional capacity and pain.

This dynamic approach to cupping is highly individualized to the patient’s own movement deficits and has been developed over the past decade with a sound basis in fascial research, clinical reasoning and application in the clinic setting.

FRC takes the traditional concept of myofascial cupping and incorporates an evidence based approach to its application, while ensuring the treatment is highly outcome focused.

Benefits of regular massage

Regular massage as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise can help reduce your risk of lifestyle related diseases and morbidity. Ancient populations used body work or massage to prevent and treat many illness, non-medicated pain relief and injuries. Not only does regular massage reduce stress levels, it also improves circulation which allows more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to tissues, supports the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system, reduces muscular tension by smoothing out muscular and fascial adhesion's, speeds up recovery time by enhancing the musculoskeletal repair process as well as removing toxins and wastes from overused muscles, releases endorphins allowing a deeper level of relaxation and mental well-being and releasing energy blocks allowing for a better balanced chi or energy flow.